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More and more people are choosing to receive cash from their pre-settlement lawsuit rather than wait for their case to settle. If you need cash now to cover your daily living expenses, or debt that has accumulated, contact Structured Asset Funding today. We are ready to offer you an all-in-one litigation financing program designed to provide plaintiffs waiting for their lawsuit to settle with cash upfront if needed.

In fact, pre-settlement cash advances are a great alternative rather than waiting for your case to settle. While your case is still pending, you can get cash from your pending lawsuit if you are facing financial difficulty. Our pre-settlement financing comes with many benefits however the most important component is to get the money you need to meet your needs during all the phases of your lawsuit.

To start the process, simply fill out our brief online form and our financial experts will contact you as soon as possible. We can provide pre-settlement cash advances for different lawsuit types whether it is a medical malpractice, work place injury, car accident or any other case.

If you have been plagued with financial uncertainty and are unable to meet your obligations, Structured Asset Funding can help. Call today to see how much money you can get for your pending lawsuit. Let us help you live life on your own terms.

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