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Selling a Structured Settlement

by Valerie B.

Selling your structured settlement or insurance annuity payment can be a great way to avoid or recover from potential financial ruin. A structured settlement provides periodic payments over a period of time. Typically these settlements arise as a result of some form of a lawsuit and are being paid out through an insurance company annuity policy. Financial circumstances can change sometimes suddenly however leaving a structured settlement recipient no other option but to sell their payments for a lumpsum of cash. Some people may wish to purchase a new home or save a home from foreclosure or even pay off debts. Opting to sell your structured settlement can often be a viable option. It is an important decision that you should carefully consider in light of your financial circumstances. Sometimes a lumpsum can give you the cash you need just when you need it most.

About Structured Asset Funding, LLC - Located in Hallandale Beach, Florida, Structured Asset Funding, a leading purchaser of structured settlement payments and annuities, is a specialty finance company that applies institutional financing, underwriting and legal expertise to purchase future cash flows from individuals whose life circumstances have changed suddenly and need immediate cash from their annuities.

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